Aug 3, 2015

Enchanted Polish June, July and August Swatch & Review

Dear My Haute Ladies,

    Today I have swatches of Enchanted Polish's holos from June, July and August 2015. I purchased these as part of a pre-order. I know I do not post often but I will be on more in the next few weeks with lots of new swatches! These are my first ever polishes from Enchanted Polish and I could not be happier with my purchase!

1. June
- Barbie pink holo 
- silky application 
- one coat good but two coats better 
- super glossy; no top coat needed
- easy removal
- overall: UH-MAZING! Hahah sorry but this polish is amazing 
- rating: 5/5 purchase 

2. July 
- Steel blue holo
- thin application (slightly liquidy) 
- needs two coats 
- slightly streaky application 
- super glossy; no top coat needed 
- overall: a bit thin but that's probably due to light shade 
- rating: 4.5/5 purchase

3. August 
- Amethyst holo
- strong, unpleasant smell (like expired fruit) 
- thick application but manageable 
- two coats recommend 
- extremely vibrant color and holo 
- near matte finish; top coat suggested 
- overall: a little thick and strong smell but overall worth it due to color 
- rating:  4/5 purchase

     So my overall takeaway is that these polishes were definitely worth purchasing! They are vibrant and holographic! I highly recommend this brand!

Julia- You've Got Nail

Jun 27, 2015

Essie Bright Cashmere Matte Collection Swatch and Review

Dear My Wonderful Women,   
      I know that it has been a while since my last post but I have not had time to write out a post.
However, it is finally summer so I will have much more time to dedicate! Today I have Essie’s

    Cashmere Matte Brights Collection that is     exclusive to Ulta Beauty. This collection is a  pastel color update of their winter line, cashmere mattes. The polishes are $8.50 (in US) and are only available at Ulta. The line consists of four colors with a matte dry finish. The colors are, in my opinion, unique but more suited for spring. Below you will see my swatches, opinions and overall verdict!

1. Yespadrilles

 - Pale Opalescent Green 
     - Consistency: liquid-y 
     - Applies thin but dries thick 
     - Opaque 
     - Dries matte 
     -  Hard to control 
     - Very sheer opalescent blend 
     - 2 coats needed 
     - Unflattering on imperfect nails 
     - Can apply top coat
         - Opal easier to see
     - Leaves glitter residue when removed 
     - Over all: 6/10 
     - VerdictPass

2. Sea The Sights

   - Pale Baby Blue 
 -  Consistency: Thin but not too liquid-y 
     - Dries matte 
     - 2 coats needed  
     - Dries thick, very opaque 
     - Can apply top coat 
     - Verdict: Purchase 

3. Hip-tide


Opalescent Dark Pink
     - Consistency: thin but not too liquid-y
    - Sheer application but dries thicker  
    - Thin opalescent glitter blend 
     - looks like fine purple glitter 
   - 2 coats needed 
    - Dries matte 
    - Unique color
    - Top coat can be applied
     - Makes glitter more noticeable 
    - Overall: 7/10 
    - Verdict: Purchase 

4. Soft as Sand

   - Opalescent Light Pink
   - Consistency: thick in bottle but liquid-y on brush
   - Hard to control 
   - Applies thick 
   - Dries thick and matte 
   - Opaque but glitter is sheer 
   - 2 coats needed 
   - Thick and hard to control 
   - Top coat can be applied 
     - Makes glitter more noticeable 
   - Overall: 5/10 
   - Verdict: Pass 


So my overall opinion on this collection is that it is mediocre. I definitely do not think this is worth purchasing, unless you really like one of the colors. They all dried matte, but it was a strange type of matte in which every lump, bump and brush stroke was visible. I personally preferred the colors with a top coat. They all had liquid-y but somehow thick consistency. 26/40 is my complete grading and I say Pass
Thanks for Reading!


Julia- You’ve Got Nail

May 10, 2015

Flamingos, Palm Trees, and Spots- Oh My!

Dear My Flamboyance of Followers,
            Today was Mother’s day, so I hope all the moms out there had a wonderful day! Thanks mom for all the things you do! <3 So for nails, I did something that has nothing to do with mother’s day. I stumbled across a picture of these on Pinterest and knew I had to recreate them.
            These are so much fun and are prefect for spring! I do not know where you guys are from but in New England, it is very hot lately, summer-like. These are colorful and have a fun print. These are super easy to do and addictive to look at. The mix of pastel sky blue and bright pink is perfection.
            As usual, I have created a tutorial for you to follow! I know there is no sound and in this one the lighting gets darker and the polka dot film was useless. My iPhone overheated so the flash refused to work- sorry. To do polka dots; however, I do three dots then four in an alternating fashion until I reach the end of my nail. The colors I used are:

  •       China Glaze: White on White
  •       China Glaze: Spring in my Step
  •       China Glaze: Float On
  •       China Glaze: Liquid Leather
  •       C & E: Sky/ Bleu Pastel

Thanks for reading and watching!


Julia- You’ve Got Nail