May 3, 2015

Star Wars Nail Art

Dear Young Jedi Nail Techs,
      Teach you to paint nails I will. Using the force, we can precisely paint those oh-so-difficult straight lines. Although I wish we could use our minds to control our art, we cannot so a tutorial and steady hand will have to suffice.
      Two weeks in a row! Holy cow! Two weeks of geek-y nail art will be concluded with my contribution in honor of Star Wars Day, May 4th (get it, haha- May the Fourth/force be with you). Puns are great and if you didn’t even smile, please re-asses your taste in humor. I take Star Wars day very seriously so I am celebrating with nail art and when I get home from school, a movie marathon! I purchased all six films on HD… THEY ARE AMAZING! The first time I saw Star Wars, was the original 70s quality film but HD brings a whole new perspective. I am no movie critic, but I highly recommend watching them in HD. 
      So here we go- into the great unknown... This tutorial is super short and relatively easy to do your self! All you'll need is some polish, a thin brush and a dotter. If you're geeky like me, give these a shot and show your geek pride! 

The polishes I used were:
  • OPI: With a Nice Finnish 
  • OPI: Big Apple Red
  • OPI: Eurso Euro 
  • China Glaze: I'd Melt for You 
  • China Glaze: Liquid Leather 
  • China Glaze: White on White 
  • Essie: Good as Gold
  • C & E: Slate 
Thanks for reading and watching!

Julia- You’ve Got Nail 

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